Find out the Perfect way to get 100% on Google Pagespeed Insights on your WordPress website. In the world of online marketing, speed is crucial.

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Best WordPress Plugin for Pagespeed Optimization

A fast website has a higher ranking in Google than a low-quality website generating high bounce rates. Google has an easy solution that helps you determine what needs fixing.

Unless you have a fast website, people are likely to bounce quicker. Nevertheless, launching e-commerce sites can be difficult.

An introduction to Google PageSpeed Insights

Google introduced Pagespeed Insights as a tool to help publishers refine their web pages’ performance. Google said Page Speed Insights will help publishers to reduce the time it takes a user to load pages and improve their experience on that site.

The tool is part of PageSpeed, Google’s online tool to help webmasters improve the performance of their pages across the board. But the tool is brand new and still evolving, so Page Speed Insights

Why Does Page Speed Matter And How Can I Improve It?

Since Google addressed the importance of page speed in 2011, many websites have seen a significant boost in search rankings for ‘site speed’ related keywords.

Find out what you can do to keep your site fast and ranked high. Increased site speed has been shown to increase session duration, conversion rates, pages per visit, and page views.

Try WP Rocket: WordPress Plugin For Best Performance

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin for faster page loading. Using this plugin can save tens of milliseconds on each page load. It is the difference between a page loading in 2 seconds and 4 seconds.

It works by removing query strings (URL parameters) from static resources and by compressing and caching dynamic requests.

Try WP Rocket

Best WordPress Plugin for Pagespeed Optimization

Google PageSpeed Insights Recommendations

Hers is a Few tips to Improve Performance and score 100/100.

  • Implement AMP
  • Compress Your Images
  • Minify your HTML
  • Avoid chaining critical requests
  • Proper size images
  • Use video formats for animated content
  • Minimize Main-Thread Work
  • Use Browser Caching
  • Choose the best-hosting Services

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How to use PageSpeed Insights Tool?

Open the Pagespeed Insights tool. Enter the website and page URL to check the page speed. Click on Analyze button. After a few seconds, you will get the speed of your website or a specific page you entered in 0-100 score for mobile and desktop. 0 is the worst and 100 is the best score.

Why does Page Speed Matter and so important?

When a person goes in a total for eating in a restaurant and gets very slow service from the waiter, then the person gives poor feedback for the restaurant and never visits again.

Similarly, According to Cloudflare, slow website speed can result in very poor search engine rankings and fewer reviews on google, lower overall site or blog traffic, and negative user experiences.

How do I get a perfect page speed score?

Google Pagespeed Insights

WP Rocket is the best way to increase Google PageSpeed Insights score and website speed. Best WordPress plugin ever, no other plugin beats the WP Rocket's website speed, it results in a Blazing Fast website.

Try WP Rocket

How fast should a site load?

As fast as possible, yes this is right. In just 1 to 2 seconds, your website should be loaded. If it is taking more than 3 seconds then do best practices and make your website blazing fast with a WordPress plugin given in this article.

After that explore your website and test your website at Google PageSpeed Insights, and you will see an amazing result.

Google PageSpeed Insights Conclusion

Your problems could range from poorly designed code to large pages. This issue must be resolved quickly, as Google is deceiving you if you don't. The faster you load the website, the lower the chance that you get a bounced page.

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