Best ways to wash a car without scratching it

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Best way to wash a car without scratching for an awesome and shiny car. We have to follow some simple steps to hand wash a dirty car in a smarter way that gives you the best results.

Nobody wants to see a dirty car that’s why, In this article, we are going to give some of the Best hand car wash and cleaning tips for the awesome and shiny car.

Basic Requirements for Hand Car Wash

  1. Clean Microfiber Towel
  2. Water Sprayer
  3. Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer / Car Shampoo / Soap
  4. Hand car wash Brush / Car Wash Mitt
  5. Vacuum cleaner

Don’ts And Do’s during hand car wash


  • Wash in direct sunlight: Most experts caution against washing a car on a sunny day because one of the keys to proper car washing is keeping it wet until it’s time for it to be properly and thoroughly dried. If the metal is hot, the water, and even the soap, will dry up quickly because of the heat of the sun, which will leave spots all over the paint and glass. Keeping your car wet with a light drizzle of water, parking under the shed or in the shade, or washing in the early evening will prevent spots from forming. It’s also important to rinse with an indirect spray instead of a jet blast of water.
  • Let anything touch the ground: Did you drop your car wash mitt, drying towel or detailing rag? It’s done. Forget about it. Don’t use it again before washing during this wash session. The small particles of dust and grime it picked up after being in contact with the ground mean it’s guaranteed to scratch and spider-web your paint should you use it before thoroughly machine-washing it. For this reason, it’s helpful to keep a supply of extra towels and a mitt or two handy to use should you accidentally drop anything while washing.
  • Start washing the car from the bottom: During the hand car wash always wash the car from top to bottom, if you start washing your car from the bottom the dust with go up with your mitt or cloth and surely scratches on your car body paint.


  • Choose the right soap: Always use a car shampoo/soap/foam that has been formulated specifically for cars otherwise, you might lose your car shining and wax.
  • Use two buckets or rinse carefully: You must have two buckets at the ready (if you are washing your car at home) – one for rinsing your mitt and one for getting a fresh batch of clean, sudsy soap on your mitt to use on the car. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch the paint while washing your car.
  • Use a microfiber drying towel: Microfiber towel is the best hand car wash essentials for getting faster and better results. This type of towel helps you to apply the soap and soak the water easily from car.

Hand car wash tips:

Everyone wants to keep their car clean and shiny, by using the following steps you can clean your car in a faster and smarter way, also car will looks more shiny and cool.

Let’s get started…

  • Firstly of all, clean your car from inside. Take out car mats and clean the car carpet and mats with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now clean the car dashboard with a soft cloth, you can use some little bit wet cloth accordingly if more dust is there. This process takes out all the extra dust from the car.
  • Spray the water on the roof first then the rest of the body (top to bottom only) with the help of a water sprayer. The dust particles move down on the ground.
  • Now clean the car tires with brush and muddy surfaces with a cloth.
  • Apply the car wash foam with help of a sprayer/car shampoo/soap accordingly. We recommend only use these car form and shampoo for the getting best results.
  • For best hand car wash results, always use a clean towel and apply the from or shampoo with the towel smoothly. You can use some best car wash mitts with microfiber, available in some online stores and markets.
  • Again, wash the car with a simple water sprayer from the roof to the bottom. (Don’t forget to wash the car mud flaps).
  • Now you can spray some wax mixed water on the car that gives you a more shiny car.
  • Now use a microfiber towel and dry the car.
Best way to wash a car without scratching

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