Some helpful tips for how to keep the room cool in summer without ac and cooler

1 Create ventilation to keep the room cool in summer without ac and cooler

Ventilation is an important thing that helps to cool the room. If your room has ventilation on both sides, it will cross the air and the hot air expels the room. If there is no ventilation in your room then you can make one. And by putting a fan on it, you can take out the hot air of the room. Cross ventilation is best because there is no electricity in it.

2 Doing white color outside wall of the room 

Painting the walls and ceiling of your room white can keep the room cool as the white color does not absorb the sun’s rays but instead, emits rays of the sun, due to which the walls and the ceiling are less hot and the room is colder

3 Close the Curtains During the Day

We can also keep our room cool by putting curtains, curtains do not allow the heat coming from the sun to enter the room, due to which the room is not warm. If the window of your room is directly in front of the sun and there is direct sunlight in it. But by putting on black or dark-colored curtains, you can prevent the rays of the sun from entering the room. If there are no curtains, then your room will work like a greenhouse.

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4 Open Windows and Interior Doors at Night

Where we keep the curtains closed during the day, then they should be opened at night, along with the windows of the room and the doors inside should be opened because it is cold outside at the night and the room is warm and the cold air from the doors and windows open in the room. Will come and cool the room and the air will keep going

5 Place Ice or Cool Water in Front of a Fan

We can cool the room by placing cold water or ice in front of the fan, if the ice cools around us, the fan spreads the cold air in the whole room while opening the windows of the room while doing so that the air is filled Do not keep the ice right in front of the fan so that your eyes do not irritate

6 Adjust Your Ceiling Fan According to the Season

According to the weather, we can set our ceiling fan, in summer, by putting the ceiling fan 2 or 3 feet below from roof, we can keep the room cool because the hot air goes up, then it is removed by ventilation. If the fan is below, then it will not be brought down this hot air, due to which the room will be cold. A kitchen is a place where the most heat is produced, then we have to use a drain fan to vent the hot steam of the kitchen and the hot air out of the house.

7 Sleep Low

According to the theory of hot air, the air above our feet is less warm than the roof air. You can leave your bed and sleep on a mattress on the floor if you do not mind that the floor is hard more hot summer days. You can sleep on the floor too if your floor is made of tiles, it is very good because the tiles are always cold, they will give you a comfortable sleep.

8 Let the Night Air in

There is nothing more natural and cold than the night air. You can take advantage of the night air and open windows or a door. If it is raining, you can open enough windows to give cool air but will not let the rain go inside. The air will definitely be cold during the rainy season.

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9 Upgrade All of Your Incandescent, Fluorescent, and Other Light Bulbs to LED

All electric appliances produce heat, including light blub, so with this light it is difficult to keep the room cool during the day because the bulb increases the temperature of the room, then we can use light instead of a bulb, they do not produce heat. Due to this the temperature of the room does not rise and the room remains cold, and it also uses less electricity, which also reduces the bill. If possible, you keep all the lights of the room off during the day and use the natural light outside which will keep the room cool and at night you turn on the lights, doing so will also save the bill.

10 Buy a Cooling Mattress, Pillows, and Sheets

The technique of mattress has been developed to give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. There are many types of mattresses to keep you sweat-free in the summer. Apart from the mattress, you can also take the chadar and pillow for a more comfortable rest.

If you cannot buy a mat and pillow, you can use a cotton shawl and make sure there is no other cloth. Cotton is more decoction than other things, due to which it will make you feel cold at night.


By following these helpful tips you can keep the room cool in summer without ac and cooler. Stay Healthy and Safe!

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